reaching your optimum!

we offer to our customers transportation and logistics of their goods including a wide range of services around the transport - just to ensure our customer success. At Kerkhoff you get all services from one source without e.g. communicationproblems or data loss.

Take advantage of the diversity of our services, and reduce your costs significantly.

trust in experience

Kerkhoff - this is transport and logistics since 2003! An independet, owner-managed family business deep-rooted in the world of transportation. We arrange the transportation of your goods in the best and smartest way.

Kerkhoff International Transport & Logistics has since many years innovative logistic solutions – always striving of an early identification of trends in the market to be one step ahead and to give our customers a competitive advantage.

We are one of the largest logistics service providers in the region. With our selected partners we are able to operate with an global network.

Giving you as our customer an advantage, we rely on consistent quality management, competent trained staff, a mix of new and old-fashioned IT solutions, using innovative technologies and a modern, technically always tested fleet. For better safe than sorry.